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Articles Vs Blogs

Sl no.ArticlesBlogs
1Articles are more than 300 words and sometimes more than 1000 words.Blogs are less than 300 words and sometimes less than 1000 words.
2It is written in second or third person.It is usually written in first person.
3Articles should be lengthy and detailed.Blogs can be short or long it depends.
4It does not include personal opinions.It includes personal opinion.
5Reader has time to search and analyze and understand what the article is about.Reader is somewhat impatient and reads casually so contents should be quick to grasp.
6It is based on sophisticated writing skill.It is based on casual writing skill.
7Keywords are not important in articles.Focusing on keywords while writing blog.
8Articles are based on interview, research, explanation, analysis or report and fact based.It is not based on interview or research. It contains tips, lessons, opinions and tools etc.
9It is not SEO optimized.It is SEO optimized.
10It includes lots of data, graphs, required images and statistics.It usually includes one or more images.
11Editor and Reviewer teams need to verify before publishing.It is self publishing and does not require editor or reviewer verification.
12It is not required to be frequently updated.It is required to be frequently updated.
13It can share education information, state or facts.It can share opinions, encourages, and insights.
14Articles are arranged by category.Blogs are arranged by chronologically.
15For example writing any research article in IEEE.For example writing any blog in medium.