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What are the opportunities with us?

For all the creative people out there, take our site as a YouTube platform. You can create your content for free no matter what you write. Then by maintaining your regularity in creating content, you can start earning directly from Google.

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Why do content creators need this website?

After several surveys, we have got to know that there are many people who want to create their own content and show their talent to the world. But, they cannot find a proper platform to do so. There are many foreign websites that provide this opportunity, but most of them take money from the creators. So, we have created a platform where anyone can publish their content for free. Also, as bonus, if they maintain their regularity, they can also earn money through their talent.

What is our authenticity?

Our platform is not fake, we have taken legal permissions directly from Google and also from Facebook. After several tests, we achieved their permissions to recruit contributors on-site and to pay them. Our privacy policies and terms & conditions are also verified by them.

We are officially the first Indian website that is going to offer this kind of platform.

From where to start with?

First, choose your topic: Decide first in which topic(s) you will create content. You can write blogs on various topics. You can also create articles. If you don’t know the difference between them, then you can read that from here. You can also go for news articles as well.

Second, learn how to create contents to publish on the internet: Normally, the way we write something is not appropriate for publishing on the internet. We must have to follow some rules and syntax for that. Don’t worry, we have a solution for that also. You can easily learn to create content from us. To learn now, CLICK HERE.
Now you are ready to share your thoughts with the world!