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Before proceeding further for registration, you should be aware of our main 5 terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions


In this case, we have to follow some strict rules and guidelines.

Your given content should have to be unique.

Your content should be created by yourself only. Do not copy anything from other websites. You can take inspiration from other sites, but don’t copy-paste those. In article writing, often we can copy some texts from another website but in the case of Blog posts, we cannot copy a single sentence directly from other sites.

Don’t use “Spinbot” or any other software or any other tricks to reconstruct data that is collected from another website. If our team can detect your content voiding this, we will restrict you from our site and can take other proper actions (legally) against you.

Your given images/videos should be “Copyright-free” images.


You have to maintain regularity at your work.

You have to submit at least Four Posts per Two Weeks. Otherwise, we will give you a warning once on time.

Strictly, you have to submit a minimum of 8 posts per month, otherwise, we can restrict your account from our site permanently if we won’t get a satisfying or proper response from you within the given time in our warning mail.

Reconstruction of your posts:

We can edit your submitted data if we wish. When?

  • If your keywords are not optimized properly for perfect SEO.
  • If your submitted text contains grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • If you do not use enough headings
  • If your submitted images/videos are not optimized as mentioned before.
  • If your submitted post contains plagiarised

Fair use of contents:

Try to keep your blog contents useful for others. At the end of the day, our main target is to help people with our content. So, try to create your content in an easy-to-read method, and try to make content “Re-usable” for others. If you take care of these two points, people will love your blog and your posts will be shared by themselves, you won’t have to do a lot to spread your content, users will do that for you.


Our main source of money is Google Ad-sense. This Google Ad-sense depends on a lot of strategies. At first, Google doesn’t pay anyone for their Articles/Blogs/Posts, or other content from the beginning. One has to create quality content on regular basis and then if people accept your content a lot, it will gain traffic of contents and your content get a higher CPC (Cost Per Click) value for that. That increases the overall Domain Value for a website. Then, Google shows Advertise through our website and they pay us for that. On the other hand, we cannot withdraw any money until we receive 100 Dollars from Google.

So, there are three vital points for you to earn money continuously.

  1. Regularity
  2. Quality Content.
  3. Focused Work.

Google shows the CPC of every article to the website owner(s). Suppose you created 10 posts on our site in June, In November (Generally, Google takes 6 months to rank a post)  those contents earn 15$ and the website overall earns 100$ (including other posts’ CPC) then, you will be paid 13.5$ (10% Reserved For The Website based on international standard web platform policies ) in November instantly, we will provide you a complete report that will reflect CPC of your every post and will contain full technical transparency.

From our side, we will always try to make every content SEO friendly and will help everyone to rank higher on Google (that’s why we are taking a minimum of 10% from your earnings).

We tried to keep described payment system easy to understand for you, but these are not that easy to understand in the technical field.

View our other terms and conditions.

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